TRIOS 3Shape Communicate

DDX® now delivers deep integration with 3Shape’s® market leading TRIOS® intraoral scanner to improve the efficiency of your digital lab and the communication with your accounts.

Traditionally cases arrive at the lab, are entered into the lab management software, fabrication is scheduled and they are fabricated. Today, digital cases are transmitted into the lab’s CAD/CAM department and bypass the established data entry stage. These unregistered cases cause inefficiency and poor Account service.

Thanks to the TRIOS / DDX integration, any case sent from an account via 3Shape Communicate is instantly created in DDX with the rest of your casework and can be delivered directly into lead lab management software applications for efficient scheduling and tracking. Or, visible to your data entry team.

Frequently asked questions

Does DDX replace 3Shape Communicate for digital file transfer?

No, the DDX Network, Labnext and 3Shape Communicate work together to deliver a comprehensive lab case management solution to practices and their labs.

Communicate continues to transport the digital files and silently synchronizes full case details with the DDX Network so that all lab work - digital and traditional, is seamlessly managed and stored in Labnext.

The digital files for manufacturing will still be handled by 3Shape Communicate.

Labnext will store but thumbnail images of the manufacturing files for reference.

How does Labnext with 3Shape Communicate benefit my lab?

All lab work, digital and traditional, must be scheduled for fabrication and billing. So, while 3Shape Communicate delivers the TRIOS case for digital manufacturing, the DDX Network delivers the case to Labnext for fabrication scheduling, billing, reporting, etc.

Thanks to the DDX Network, Labnext management system and 3Shape digital manufacturing system stay automatically synchronized to eliminate duplicate date entry and clerical error.

Initial Set-up

What you need

  • Labnext account.
  • TRIOS 3Shape Communicate account.


Contact TRIOS for a 3Shape Communicate account.

What to do

Associate accounts

In Labnext - Enable 3Shape

  • From the menu select Settings and Store
  • In the 3Shape Integration section.
  • If not enabled, click the Enable button. then click the Return to Add-Ons button.
  • Click the Configure button.
  • Click the + Enable 3Shape button.

Enter your 3Shape communicate credentials. This log in serves to associate the DDX and 3Shape Communicate accounts.

  • Enter your Email and Password
  • Check Remember me
  • Click the Log on button.

You will next be asked to authorize the integration.

  • Click the Allow Access button.

When successful you will see:


Enable Import - Check this box when you are ready to start importing 3 Shape cases.

It is now time to map procedures.

  • Click the finalize your mapping rules here link


It takes several minutes for the 3Shape Communicate procedure list to be downloaded into DDX.

The Importing process will import 4 Elements: * SHADE - This is completed for you. Labnext know how to map shade between systems. * MATERIAL - You will need to map “Materials” defined in 3Shape Communicate with Material or Alloys in Labnext. * PROCEDURE - You will need to map “Restorations” defined in 3Shape Communicate with Procedures in Labnext. * PRACTICE - You will need to map “Clinics” defined in 3Shape Communicate with Accounts in Labnext.

Once completed, you will be presented with the next page shown below.

From this page you will map the procedures. Once materials, procedures and Account mapping is finished, your setup is complete.


Daily use

In Labnext

DDX Activity Log Channel, Processes

As 3Shape TRIOS cases are sent to your lab they will be automatically created in DDX following the procedure mapping rules that you have defined.

A new DDX Activity Log Channel has been created called Processes. Select from the View list, Processes.

If at any time a TRIOS restoration is ordered for a procedure that is not mapped to a DDX procedure, you will be alerted through the DDX Activity Log. Subscribe the person(s) in your lab to this Activity Log Channel that you want alerted to mapping issues. See Lab Users - Email subscriptions


The Activity Log alert includes a link to the DDX mapping page. Click the link to create the missing procedure mapping. Once the mapping has been completed the outstanding case(s) will download into DDX.

Within a case

As 3Shape TRIOS cases are sent to your lab they will be automatically created in DDX following the procedure mapping rules that you have defined. TRIOS cases are automatically created in DDX including patient details, procedures, attributes, and thumbnail images of the design files.

The digital files stored in DDX are not the digital files for manufacturing, but thumbnails of the manufacturing files for reference. These thumbnails, like the full case details, will be stored indefinitely in DDX.


Mapping procedures

At any time you can manage your mapping settings.


When an element has been deleted from Labnext, mapped or not, the only way to get it back is by reimporting. This can be accomplished by disabling 3Shapeand starting over.

  • Navigate to Settings, Lab Details, Preferences tab.
  • In the 3Shape Integration section.
  • Click the - Disable 3Shape button.

In 3Shape Communicate

Refer to the 3Shape Communicate documentation for details.